Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hey! Beautiful Angle! Have you been peekin' in my head?

Went shopping locally today. The hubby says this one particular Beautiful Angle poster was calling my name. Bought something else. But perhaps someday. Someday soon. Unless ya'all beat me to the punch.

Why? (You might ask. Or you might not.)

Perhaps because of this rather "heated" Ode to Dandelions I wrote two years ago (April 13, 2006). It was my 7th blog item ever. On MySpace. My younger brothers ... then still freshly shocked that their sister was on MySpace .. didn't (and don't) understand my annoyance with dandelions. They think they're pretty. But we grew up on a farm, and I'm the only homeowner among us. They don't have to contend with grumpy neighbors. And while I don't mind walking on moss or clover or buttercups ... and while I'm all for shrinking my lawn-size in favor of more native or food-related plantings ... I just don't enjoy walking on dandelions. And while in small numbers I find them quaint, in large I find them vile. And I could go on and on ... and two years ago, I did.

Ode to Dandelions

My children love your fluffy tufts
They blow and wish for too much stuff

But that yellow hat that turns to white

Is not beautiful to me, just nasty blight

Oh woe is me, my aching back

Four days, many hours of dandelion attack

But, oh, so satisfying -- "I win, I win"

I say to the dandelions that fill my yard waste bin

Give up hope, give up now

If I have to, I'll rent a plow

One, two, three ... four dozen, a ton

I will keep at it until I've won

Buttercups, welcome -- daisies, you too

Clover, moss keep growing, please do

But oh, you dandelions, me feet don't like

Please, oh, please, just take a hike

My brother mocks me, calls you flowers

Says relax, enjoy those hours

Give in, give in, let Mother Nature in

I say, grow in my yard -- you go to the bin

You see, I know you're a weed
Transported from abroad with infectious seed
And while I refuse to poison plants

I will not let you run more rampant than ants

Please understand, while I sing my die-die song

You have your place, but in my yard -- you don't belong

You're great in chains and summer-made crowns

But I promise, take root in my yard and you're going down

-- AML (4/13/06 -- the day before the baby girl's first birthday)

P.S. And yes, I realize they did their poster first. But I can promise you, that was back when I had major "mama-brain" and was only about to learn of their existence.

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