Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Eldest is apparently growing up. Over the last couple years, The Eldest has generally been super-shy when it comes to doing anything in front of an audience.

She's refused to get on stage.

She has stood frozen on the verge of tears.

And during one performance (at church), she chose to hide by pulling her dress skirt over her head, thus flashing the entire audience her Hello Kitty underwear for the entire performance.

Meanwhile, Baby Girl has fought and clawed her way to get ON stage. (Last Christmas was not fun ... trying to get Eldest on stage while Baby Girl escapes to try to place herself center stage, and upon discovering herself chased, tries to hide behind the giant church Christmas tree. These kids are a workout.)

However, back to the Eldest, WE HAVE BREAKTHROUGH!

It started several months back when her church choir director gave her a "special job" to do during a performance. (She turned a light on, on cue.) The Diva Daughter nature of The Eldest took over, and she was fine on stage. Finally. She had an important job. She still talks about it.

Tonight, it was the elementary school spring program.

And The Eldest ... check that, The Diva Daughter, was one of four first-graders with LINES.

She stood proudly in the front of the group, singing her songs full-blast. And when it came time for the narration, she and her three pals all performed beautifully, and confidently.

So let me present: The Diva Daughter ....

If Diva Daughter manages to stay around until next month's ballet recital, it will be momentous.

I will be one proud mom.

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Encore! :)