Friday, May 18, 2007

They got obliterated, but won us over ...

We went to our first Tacoma Rainiers game tonight. We witnessed the slaughter -- and walked away with the grand slam ball the other team sent over the fence to kick off the eventual 12-o defeat of our local Rainiers baseball team.

Back in my softball days, they would have stopped the game at inning 7 if one team was 10 runs ahead of the other.

However, as insane as the score was -- it was still a fabulous time. As someone who had never been to Cheney Stadium, never been to Giant Insurance Company field -- I really enjoyed myself.

Anyhow, I'm happy to report that there's no bad seat in the house at Cheney, so even my 2-year-old daughter was boogeying her butt off like a wannabe cheerleader and yelling "hit!" "throw the ball!"

My 4-year-old son spent the whole game in bliss that we had a game ball in hand before we even got to our seats (it landed in front of us on our way in -- I'm thinking I'm glad we got a little lost finding parking after running into a full parking lot). He even got it signed by two Rainiers -- but didn't bother to mention which ball it was. My son is just thrilled to have a ball -- and is currently dreaming of someday being a batter baseball player. (Yes, I said BATTER ...)

My 6-year-old daughter, whose elementary school we were there with, was pretty quiet throughout the whole thing, but definitely concentrating, and pleased when her principal came by taking pictures of all the kids. And LOVED the fireworks. And the cotton candy. And then chatted our ears off on the way back to the car.

They all loved watching Rhubarb's antics.

Did I mention the fireworks? The fireworks were all the splendor and spectacle that the game was not tonight -- though on that side of things, I figure this means that future games we go to can't get any worse! I was assured by our seat mates that the lackluster performance was not the norm. But there was plenty of fire and pep in the fireworks!

In the end, the score didn't matter so much. We all walked away happy -- and pledging to come back time and time again. Which, in our playbook, is a big win for the Rainiers.


James said...

Sounds nice. We're going to see a game next month with a local elementary school. (Is that some kind of racket to sell tickets?)


I remember going to a game back in college as part of a journalism assignment. The stadium was family friendly and all the farm-league players gladly autographed whatever little kids put in front of them. I also remember hearing a deep, resonating voice shouting "hot dogs" from the opposite end of the stands. The voice belonged to "Big Dan" the very tall and quirky guy who worked at PLU's physical plant... it turned out he had a second gig as a hot dog vendor.