Monday, March 03, 2008

Another victim of the Tacoma Tilt Bandit ...

Dear Cole,

We apparently are now co-victims of the Tacoma Tilt Bandit.
I have to say, it's an honor I was hoping to avoid. But I'll admit, I should have known better when last week these words came out of my mouth: "My car's too crappy for anyone to ever steal it." And then lo and behold, came yesterday. So Cole ... perhaps we need to start a club. I'm sure we're not the only victims of the Tacoma Tilt Bandit.


And while many of you have reminded me that 1989 Toyota Camrys are pretty much the most popular car to steal, I guess I have proof of my car's crappiness in the fact that my car was found in the middle of the night, not even 12 hours later, sitting in the middle of the Fred Meyer parking lot on Bridgeport. When I picked it up at the tow lot today, and shelled out my $190 to get my crappy car back, I think my car was cleaner. Whomever it was I don't think found much, but they tried. And I think they organized my trunk.

The good news: They left my Wayzgoose stuff in the back seat, my meeting notes are still in the trunk, and the car still runs.

The bad news: I'm just grossed out by the car now. Especially with the Tilt that was sitting on the front floor. Almost wishing car-robber had drunk-driving crashed himself/herself into a telephone pole so that I could get my stuff but be done with the car.

Oh, the the real good news: Despite the Tacoma Tilt Bandit's lack of ethics, I did discover yet again yesterday that fabulous people are all around. There were the greeters and security guard folks at Tar-jzay who walked me through what to do, offered my eldest activities to distract her hungry tummy and got us water; there was the awesome Tacoma Police officer who was very kind and helpful and did not snap at me once for not knowing my license plate number; there was my husband for coming to my rescue; there were all my friends who offered rides, and even an offer of Wayzgoose items for my daughter in case we hadn't recovered ours. The list goes on and on.

Thank you to my long list of knights in shining armor ... you are more powerful than the Tacoma Tilt Bandit.


Anonymous said...

I tried to google Tacoma Tilt Bandit - and only came up with your blog. :P

tacomachickadee said...

I made up the name. I was referencing tonight and Cole's previous experience:

Jenny said...

That's awesome, glad the car is back, or at least your stuff is. Maybe new car in a few months?

Cole said...

Was there really a can of Tilt sitting on the floor? That is uncanny.

Car thieves must have a weakness for lemon-lime flavored caffeinated malt liquor.

Feel free to kick the next person you see holding a can of Tilt.

tacomachickadee said...

Cole: I'm sadly very serious about the Tilt thing. I don't kid about these things.

marty said...

When I Lived on the North End of Tacoma we had 3 cars broken into, stolen once, was the victim of armed robbery and more.
Since moving to East Tacoma 7 years ago. Nothing. (Knock on wood)

It is interesting how the crime patterns are different in parts of Taocma. People know each other vs property crimes against strangers.

Glad you got the car back. I know the feeling of being in the car after a stranger has driven it. Weird.

Since the can 'O Tilt was IN you car, perhaps they could lift finger prints.

Anonymous said...

so, you know it wasn't me, right? Cuz I woulda' left, like, a bottle of some form of red wine, possibly with some in it for you. (Jesting.) (Happy to hear the important stuff was all intact!)

The Beast Mom said...

Sorry to hear about this. That's not fun. :(


Anonymous said...

UGH.. and now I have my own 1990 stolen camry story.. except my towing bill is like 250 and I have to go up to vancouver to get the STUPID thing, which is even crappier than your camry, and probably not even worth $100 . AEDRKGALDKJFALSDKfjlskdjfALDFJLSkdfjlskdfjASLFJslkf