Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Tacoma Tilt Bandit is not a fan of small press artwork

Since apparently the Tacoma Tilt Bandit isn't a big fan of the small press arts, I actually got my Wayzgoose loot back when my car was recovered. So I though I'd share some of the fabulousness ...

Eldest got to make a flip book thanks to the Seattle Center for Book Arts folks. And since the Tacoma Tilt Bandit doesn't like flip books, we got it back.

This bookmark was one of my eldest's favorite things of the day. She was very glad to get it back. Thank you Sherwood Press! And thank you Tacoma Tilt Bandit for not needing a bookmark!

My baby girl found this little goody I bought from Sherwood Press. It's called a hand book and I love the design, as well as the other ones she and her son created. Very fun stuff. But now I feel like I must find something worthy of writing in said hand book ... perhaps I should have bought a t-shirt instead ... sigh. I'm so glad the Tacoma Tilt Bandit doesn't need a pretty book to take notes in.

This is a card from Guinea Pig Press, made by the lovely and talented Miss Abegale McDermott, daughter of King's Books guru Pat McDermott and his lovely librarian wife, Lisa. My daughter fell in love with Abegale's work and looted my pockets until she came up with the required $1, then spent several minutes perusing the goods before she selected this. She was VERY glad the Tacoma Tilt Bandit is not a Wayzgoose fan.

This is the book that Abegale recommended, that contains all kinds of knitting, paper mache, sewing and other projects for kids. We snapped it up. Apparently the Tacoma Tilt Bandit is also not looking for craft projects to do with the kids. But if you are, the book is called "Making Stuff For Kids" by black dog publishing. And you can get it at King's Books.

Here's some more goodies we got to make ... the first is thanks to Montford Press' Carl Montford ....

And this one is by Springtide Press.

Plus, I found out that the day before the event, my dear friend and talented artist and wife of the guy who holds the keys to this place was able to secure a small press of her own at last, giving me yet one more reason to head to Grays Harbor. (As if I needed one. Think I'm crazy? If you need reasons to go to Grays Harbor, just e-mail me and I'll set you up with a to-do list!)

Thank you, Tacoma Tilt Bandit, for not being a small press fan.

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