Saturday, March 29, 2008

A beautiful and cold day at the lake ...

Today was the Daffodil Cup regatta at American Lake, and the kiddos and I yanked ourselves out of bed to go cheer on the Lutes and the kiddos' Coach Auntie & Coach Uncle. The strange spring snow the last few days had me nervous about making the trek, but other than being a WEE bit on the cold side, the day was beautiful.

For a whole half-hour we stuck it out.

And despite the Eldest proclaiming desires to cheer the team, she couldn't find both her pom-pons, so apparently got stage fright. But she was silently very proud, and cheering in her own little way.

The Eldest and the Boy seemed to enjoy watching the boats from the dock. The youngest ... not so much.

Once feet were on solid ground, all had fun testing out their new "waterproof" shoes.

The Eldest insisted that I take a picture of the water. She thinks it's so beautiful that it should be the wallpaper on my iPhone. I prefer pictures of my munchkins, but might oblige her for a day or two.

The park just up the hill was a big hit as well. Baby Girl was very happy to be on the swing. So was her Big Sis.

King of the Castle ... er, the Barron of the Bronatsaurus? Or is that American Lake's own Loch Ness?

Back to that whole beautiful day theme ... it was. There was color and light and nature everywhere. Having grown up in the woods, it was a nostalgic walk back to the car as the kids (except the Short One who was scared of the big trees) ran gleefully through and around the trees.

These were likely the woods my grandfather ran in.

And now, I stare out at the deep, dark blue clouds threatening to impede my afternoon sunny delight ... and I say, let 'em come. I had my outdoor time. I'm ready to grab a cup o' cocoa and watch the weather ...


Jenny said...

Your kids are so beautiful! And BIG! And you should totally get out of bed in time to see us at church tomorrow. Now that you're my godparents and all.

Joel413 said...

You know that lochNess/Bronto could use some paint.... I'm thinking black with yellow spots.... It's much safer to paint than some railroad bridge over I-5!