Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Secret spaces galore

I found a new T-town secret space this week thanks to the lovely ladies at the Herban Cafe. Perhaps second only in thrill to finding fabulous bathrooms is my trill of tripping upon backroom spaces so sweet and succulent that you want to find a reason to throw a party just so you can use them.

The first such room I encountered was Ruby's Room, which is the same Opera Alley building as Over the Moon Cafe and run by the folks at the Ruby Collection. What a view, what a space ... and I never would have guessed.

This week's special surprise is located behind the Urban Gourmet, which is right next door to the Herban Cafe on 6th & Fife. (Say it fast: Urban Gourmet, Herban Cafe, Urban Gourmet, Herban Cafe ... it makes me giggle.) I was sitting and chatting with the fabulous, scratch that, brilliant (and I mean that literally and Britishly) adviser to PLU's Media Lab about this and that, yelling over to Gretchen about falling in love with some fabulous spread made of olives that made me want to swoon and how it makes me want to throw a big party purely so I could get them to cater ... when out of the blue one of the other marvelous (see, I didn't say fabulous) gals over there told us about the hidden, gorgeous space behind Urban Gourmet that they do cooking classes in, and that they'll likely soon be renting out for other functions in the near future. (I'll snag pictures one of these days ... I was too stunned to remember I now have a camera phone.)

Some other places with "secret" backroom spaces:

Know of any others? I'm all ears ... or is it all e-mails?

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