Tuesday, January 29, 2008

PHOTOS: Back from the land of 10,000 frozen lakes ...

... and I hear I missed the snow in T-Town, but check this out! :)

There was at least 6 inches of snow in Rochester, MN, when we arrived last week. It was in the negative teens and snowing a blustery, dry snow that would NOT allow you to make snowballs or snowmen. By the day this photo was taken, it had warmed to the 30s if not 40s and the kids went sledding, built a snowman, built a snow chair (and eldest SAT IN IT for who knows how long, crazy girl), and had all kinds of fun. We flew out a few hours later ... and the Chicago airport had already closed down. In fact, as we waited to board our plane, a plane full of Chicago-bound folks had just unboarded after waiting more than an hour on the runway.

Today we got word that it was basically a blizzard where 24 hours before we were playing in the snow in practically balmy winter weather. At least 6 inches had been added to what you see above by midday today, kids had been sent home from school after lunch, and it was negative-20-plus degrees with 20-30 mph winds. And it was still snowing. And still getting colder.

I think we picked the exact right time to head home ...

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