Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Something to be happy about

I was so thrilled to hear today from Tacoma Mama today that her past nearly-a-year of hard work posting daily "Good Days" in Tacoma is getting some notice of even the Seattle media. After a post at Citizen Rain, the media minions descended and she was interviewed by KOMO 1000 this morning, and then lo and behold Evening Magazine gave a call and said "can we come today?"

As a mother, I don't know how she did it. Don't the TV producers know that mothers need at least a week's notice? Give us time to clean the house! Give us time to get some beauty sleep! Give us time to focus on getting our brains back! Oh, wait, ok ... true, give us a week and none of this may actually happen. So what the hell, come by today ... And Tacoma Mama so pulled it off ... way to go Jen! There's no doubt she deserves it.

Jen spends tons of barely compensated time putting together incredible resources for Tacoma resident and visiting parents, and then forced herself to write DAILY about good things in Tacoma. I, I write OCCASIONALLY about good things in Tacoma. And while I know there's plenty to write about, it's that making yourself carve the time out of the day and DO it which is the reason why Tacoma Mama is getting some attention. It's amazing what happens when you DO something. And having just finished working with Tacoma Mama on helping with this last year's First Night event ... I gotta say, that's a group that DOES things. And Jen did a lot to make that magic happen.

So congratulations to Jen on sticking with it. Congratulations on getting some validation. And thank you so much for some good news. Today I needed it. Today my husband's grandmother died, and we prepare to flee the state for the funeral. It was only June when the first of my grandmothers died ... the first of three for 2007. And now it's the darling husband's side we grieve for. It's been a long year ... a long LESS THAN a year.

Thank you Jen for all the Good Days, may we all have many more.

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Jen said...

Yes, it's time for you to have a few good days, soon. Have a safe trip!

...and my husband's theory on why all this happened yesterday is that it's because the house was actually clean. (It is leap year, after all!)