Thursday, January 10, 2008

What my kids debate about ...

Today we were having an adventure to the Tacoma Art Place, the boy decided that the Tacoma Art Place must be where Dr. Seuss lives. He insisted upon it. The eldest, well, she decided that no, that's where Eric Caryle lives. (I'm guessing she remembers a past Tacoma Art Museum exhibit about children's book illustrator Eric Caryle that she got to see with her class.)

Later, in the van, they were debating shapes. The eldest insisted the shape of something was a diamond, while the boy decided he preferred to describe it as a rhombus. Keep in mind the fact that both realized that both a diamond and a rhombus are the same shape at you just have to smack your head and laugh.

Wondering how the Tacoma Art Place went? Well ... we just peeked tonight. I'm still not feeling well and it was getting late, so we checked it out for a bit, then headed home. But be sure, we shall return another day, and I'm excited for that day ... but until that day, here's a brief description from their website:

Explore your creativity at Tacoma Art Place. We provide the studio space, equipment and classes so you can explore your artistic ability.

Tacoma Art Place (TAP) is a non-profit art center in the heart of the revitalized MLK neighborhood in the old Friday's Cookies facility. Our mission is to provide access to equipment and training that will allow more people to affordably explore their creativity and artistic ability. We also have a special emphasis to reach underserved individuals with scholarships and reduced memberships.

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