Thursday, January 10, 2008

VIDEO: Why I'm sharing this I do not know ...

My darling brother is finally getting around to finishing his series of five videos from our Thanksgiving on the homestead. The final one will be a tear-jerker, but I got a kick out of one of the recent one's, which is actually Thanksgiving, part II: "the bonus kids." Aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents had gathered en masse the previous day, and on day two several of our family's "bonus kids" (we add family members whenever we please) were able to make it as well and we had a smaller gathering that included no auntie butts going through my parents' walls. It was day two of the fooding. And I got to see my best friend from, well, since sometime in gradeschool. And there were several cute kid moments, and apparently I got chatty about luck vs. skill when it comes to games. Sigh. I like games.

Again, why am I sharing this? Oh yeah, because it made me laugh.

Thanks again, Adam!

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Matt said...

Fantastic, way to make me laugh coffee all over!