Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hellos and goodbyes

First off, I have to say thanks to Ensie, TacomaMama, Cassioposa and Girlfriend in Tacoma for a much-needed girls night out late last night. While our intended itinerary got sidetracked MANY times, we definitely all got our gab on. Thanks for inviting me girls, and it was good to finally MEET you Ms. JCBetty, rather than just hear tales from my hubby. To my "original girlfriends," have no fear ... I plan to keep our monthly and summer traditions alive. But now that I can't make daytime playdates, it's nice to have an occasional late night girly gab session.

And now the depressing side ... tonight our household prepares to fly off to the land of 1,000 (frozen) lakes. Many of you may know that last year was the year I lost my three grandmothers. Well, this week my husband lost his remaining grandmother. We head to Minnesota to say our official farewells. We have no more grandmothers left. It's very odd to know that a year ago we had four between us, and now there are none.

And I feel sorry for my brother-in-law, the eldest of the four boys, who's baby daughter is barely half a year old and never got to meet her great-grandmother. I remember when my eldest was the same age and just missed meeting my father's father. By days. They were en route from Arizona to visit, and had to turn back when my grandfather started to not feel well, and that was that. I never saw him again. I don't think I ever saw my stepmother again either. It's strange to write down. It's a rather surreal and painful missed encounter for a new parent ... an admittedly self-pity pain, but no matter ... when the emotional rug gets pulled out from under you, it's a not-so-graceful landing on your ass. And it hurts.


Jenny said...

You got to go out. Late at night. I'm SOOOOO jealous! And with new fun people! See, now we just all want to come along....look what you've started. Not able to see you as much as we'd like, we'll just follow you around, annoying sibling-like, when you see all your other friends.

Elle said...

Girls, she's stepping out on us. I think next time she needs to invite us along.

Safe travels to the frozen north. And remember. Just say NO to Wisconsin.

Camille said...

YAY for girls night! Those are always needed, no matter what's happening. Glad you got some time for yourself.

Hang in there hon, I'm thinking of you.

Kate said...

My thoughts, prayers and sympathy to you, Nathe and the kids. Travel with care and know you are all loved.

Come back and have a drink with me.

Lena said...

There seems to be an urgent need for the resurrection of the girlfriends Sunday brunch church.

Joel413 said...

Safe journey, we are thinking of you, and will see you all when we get back, and will share lots of hugs.

RG said...

Come home and get warm. Then hopefully you can get through the rest of the year.

Then you will have to make it up to your jealous girlfriends, plural.