Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Tempest is a temptress!

Got to finally hit The Tempest Lounge on MLK last night for a friend's birthday party, and WOW! I love red; I love cookies -- what could be better?

Cookies, you ask? Yes, cookies. I was quite surprised myself. But there they were on the table. A plate of three, fresh, warm oatmeal raisin cookies. The lovely Linda seemed shocked that I did not know this secret. That you can get a plate of this hot gooey loveliness for just $4 ... different cookies every night, so you have to ask what's on tap ... er, on cookie sheet? ... each night. But unless you're allergic to a cookie ingredient, all are allegedly divine. Perfect for bad moods, broken hearts, tired eyes or even happy people in search of more happiness.

Oh, and the drinks were well-done, too. I quite enjoyed the Greyhound the fabulous bartend recommended.

But I was a little distracted by the cookies.

And the people.

Oh the people ... being that this was a birthday party, there was the added bonus of fabulous folks, some I knew, some I do now, and everywhere the conversations erupted as our darling birthday girl hostess pushed pairs together and said "I know you, I know you, you should know each other ... now talk and find out why." It's rare that I am forced to be on the other side of such face-to-face Six Degrees of Separation gaming. Usually I'm the one in the room pushing people together. I pondered a pout, but merely let myself warm up and then dived right in. And it was fabulous!

So hello to new friends, a shout out to the Tempest and thank you, birthday girl, for giving me the opportunity to see life on "the other side" of the pushy hostess table. I love you all!


Erik said...

Great review of the Tempest. However, I would recommend you get a blog from Kevin at Feed Tacoma as the "blogger" set up is pretty hard to manage.

tacomachickadee said...

Thanks for the comment, Erik. I'm slowly working on moving the blog "indie," if you will. When that will be? Well, that depends on life. :)

noreen said...

Love the Tempest! It's been harder to get there with the wee one, but I am always excited when we can get there. Sounds like a fun night!