Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy belated blog-a-versary to me ...

I had great intentions to mark my blog-a-versary in a timely manner, but it seems I'm two days late. Strangely, my first blog entry here was about a 100th Monkey event I went to ... and tonight is yet another 100th Monkey event! And while I sadly won't be at tonight's event, my "baby" brother will be there filming away as one of my favorite performers sings her heart out, so I'll live vicariously. Besides, tonight will also be my second weekly girl's night out.

A blog-a-versary announcement: I'm happy to report that I've fulfilled the birthday resolution that led me to begin this blog (just half a year post-birthday): experience new things.

This last year has been filled with many, many new things. A year full of living ... fully. I look back at happy times and sad, new experiences and new friends, new challenges and new successes, new fears and new comforts. It's been a big year.

This blog started out being focused on things I love about Tacoma, and I'll continue to celebrate the town I've come to love, but I'm also branching out. I'm less scared of this blog-thing now. And I'll be experimenting here and there. I by no means plan to be perfect, just to be me.

So my resolution this year? To go where the wind blows. To be me. To not be afraid to be myself, to follow my passions, to do what I know to be right and true. And to have fun amid it all. So, basically, an expansion of last year. A celebration of life, and whatever life brings.

If last year was any predictor, this year should be quite a ride.


Andrew Fry said...

Happy blog-a-versary to you,
Happy blog-a-versary to you,
Tickle Me, Tacoma!!!,
Happy blog-a-versary to you,

ensie said...

Congratulations! Happy Blogaversary! See you tonight at the Council of Loudmouth Women!

Camille said...

*singing in tune with Andrew's song*