Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VIDEO: Re-live First Night this week ...

I'm still in a post-First Night giddy state of mind, probably hyped by the fact that at least TWO First Night performers are playing in Tacoma THIS WEEK! On WEDNESDAY, Deborah Page will be performing with Paul Uhl at this month's 100th Monkey event at Jazzbones. Never been to a Monkey event? There's nothing to fear, just ask Daniel Blue. All you gotta do is show up and go meet three new people! On THURSDAY, Handful of Luvin' will be playing Club Masa. The scary thing? I was reminded about the latter by my dentist. I knew I had an awesome dentist, and that just sealed the deal.

So in case you need any reason to get out and about this week, there's two reasons to brave the blustery weather. If you need another, here's some First Night nostalgia for you:

Thanks again, Adam.

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